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SWPLAvailability of a pool of highly educated and well-trained specialists combined with relatively competitive price standards in the country enables us to reach an impressive quality/cost trade-off and stay competitive on the global market. Our clients come from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, and many other countries but these initial conditions are not sufficient to maintain competitiveness that we succeeded in.

The key to our success lies in our deep understanding of 2 key aspects for successful projects ideas and professionalism. Only when they meet, you get effective web solutions for business expansion. Nothing is so worthy in the virtual world as ideas. We see them as the main object of our work. Only the best and most creative ideas have the right to be implemented. To make ideas work, professional knowledge and skills are needed. We have both. We put the Web to work for you.

Core values that make us stand apart

Honesty, Integrity, Commitment, Sensitivity,

Who Sapphire

Established in 2000, Sapphire Webtech’s founding was based on the one single belief that anything in e-commerce internet business can be achieved through strategic and effective deployment of information technology. This belief makes Sapphire so special. In the SMB (Small Medium Business) domain Sapphire is a leading global consulting and IT services company offering a wide array of website solutions, website designs, aggressive e-commerce solutions, payment gateway installations and secure socket certificate deployment. Starting from the strategy consulting right through to implementing website solutions, website designs, e-commerce solutions for clients, Sapphire has excellent competencies in World Wide Web marketing, internet business, bespoke e-commerce solutions and website design and web design services. As a diverse end-to-end IT solutions provider, Sapphire offers a range of expertise aimed at helping customers re-engineer and re-invent their internet businesses potential to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace, with the final objective of giving clients the competitive edge in the internet marketplace.

At Sapphire we constantly engineer some of the most complex applications and next-generation IT infrastructure for corporate houses with a global edge. This is achieved through combination of our knowledge of business domains and information technology expertise in the website solutions, website designs, bespoke e-commerce solutions. Our unique 'Internet Architecture' enables us to maximize the benefits, minimize costs of deployment and very high scalability of applications that we make.

Why Sapphire

Delivering competitive website solutions, web designs, website designs, bespoke e-commerce solutions is what Sapphire brings when it takes on any assignment. Our competencies begin from strategic consulting in bespoke e commerce solutions, internet business, comprehensive web design services that factors in the client's current and future competitive scenario in the internet business. Sapphire delivers tailor-made IT solutions and services that meet current as well as future business needs of its list of clients spread globally. Enviable lists of loyal client stands testimony. These global clients have regularly sought our services for website solutions, web designs, website designs, bespoke e-commerce solutions.

Sapphire Benefit

If organisations are to successfully leverage current internet business opportunities and meet future internet business challenges, they will have to invest in it and make information technology an integral part of their operations. For some, this implies harnessing the power of website solutions, web designs, website designs, and bespoke e-commerce solutions to design and build globally accepted products for their global customers. For others, it means using information systems to improve relationships with suppliers and customers.

Sapphire Technology...

Internet business focuses on sales and Sapphire clearly focuses on latest internet technology. We are focused on providing the technology that makes sales. We prioritise on web designs, website designs, and bespoke e commerce solutions that help our customers to add value to their businesses. Sapphire works on innovative and quality solutions implements economic, reliable and secured internet solutions which sometimes are based on open source technology, which are flexible and scalable across wide spectrum of industry. We offer tailor-made internet solution, web designs, website designs, and bespoke e-commerce solution that enables freedom to our customers and gradually implement the tools and technologies that will give you an edge in long run.

Sapphire software solution is based on unique blend of Internet and bespoke e-commerce solution. Our development tools empower organizations to create, customize, upgrade and monitor website solutions, web designs, website designs the bespoke internet business applications that Sapphire executes with much ease. Not so long ago, bespoke e-commerce software solution was limited to large internet businesses. Sapphire makes it possible even for the relatively small business to acquire equally effective and highly price competitive bespoke e-commerce solutions. Sapphire offers time-tested internet solutions, web designs, website designs, and bespoke e-commerce solutions which enables the customer to leverage the power of Internet business.

Sapphire Quality Standards

We at Sapphire recognise the importance of global quality standards to meet client needs in the internet business environment. We have instituted stringent quality assurance and deployment measures. The quality implementation system at Sapphire matches the best in the SMB (Small Medium Business) category. These global quality standards contribute significantly to optimise project TAT (Turn Around Time) performance and growth. Constantly changing and keeping an open policy to global dynamism only help us to deploy profitable internet solutions, business web designs, website designs, and bespoke e-commerce solutions. We at Sapphire are ever open to suggestions for improvements and thus achieve process performance.

Sapphire Quality Policy

  • Achieve highest quality standards in, web designs, website designs, e-commerce solutions
  • Achieve “Zero Defects” in the business system where everything is Done Right at the First Time
  • Maintain very high standards of satisfaction in client servicing

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