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PHPBB Customisation

PhpBB content management system is an open source forum solution which was created in 2000. The name "PhpBB" is an abbreviation of PHP Bulletin Board. It is the most widely used PHP Bulletin Board application on the internet which comes under the GNU General Public License and thus, free for use. It is supported by the PHP programming language and MySQL database which has all the necessary features to become eligible for forum websites development.

PhpBB3 is the current version of the PhpBB bulletin board system that is currently used in PhpBB Development and PhpBB customization for various bulletin board applications. Customize PhpBB is highly preferred by webmasters for creation of infinite forums, categories, users, user groups and moderators which have different access rights to the forum. It uses its own authorization/session handling, database abstraction layer and template systems.

PhpBB Development & Customization Services

Sapphire Webtech is one of the leading companies which ensures its clients for proficient PhpBB development and customization services at nominal charges. It has expert Php programmers who are able to handle these kinds of sensitive tasks. The services are PhpBB installation, integration, customization, development, PhpBB solutions, PhpBB custom template, custom PhpBB skins and PhpBB up gradation. Customize PhpBB is a molded form of PhpBB to convert its features as per its owner’s needs and conditions. And thus, skilled people are required to fulfill these responsible tasks because a minor wrongdoing in PhpBB customizing tasks may pull down functionality errors in website’s operations. The tasks of PhpBB customization include forum integration in the main websites, alteration in website designs and controls which accompaniment the requirements of the clients.

Key Features of PhpBB Sites

  • Designed modules for Admin Control, Moderator Control, and User Control
  • Support for multiple database management systems
  • Support for unlimited levels of sub-forums
  • Ability to create custom-defined BBCode
  • Ability to create custom profile fields
  • Permissions system
  • UTF-8 Support
  • User Preferences
  • Moderation
  • Administration
  • Search Engine spider handling
  • Unread message tracking
  • Private Message System
  • Statistics
We offer the following phpBB services:

phpBB customization services
We can develop any custom functionality for your phpBB forum or expand an existing mod. For example, we can make your forum work with any other application you might have on your site, so that customers don’t have to sign in twice.
phpBB mod installation services
phpBB mod installation in most cases is tricky. Some just wouldn’t install while others just don’t work with the theme or other installed mods. We make sure everything works and resolve confilicts.

phpBB hosting
We offer reliable hosting for your forum, which includes free installation of phpBB forum, one free style of your choice and a logo from the picture you might provide.
phpBB style development services
We can create a new theme for any version of your phpBB forum from a design you might have or create a new design. phpBB styles (themes) will make your forum more attractive and more professional.

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