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Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity
Corporate Identity is the trademark or brand image of an organization that depicts its traits and services to its clients and viewers by incorporating fresh ideas and effective designing strategies astutely. Encapsulating the brand identity of an organization is not the ultimate objective of Corporate Identity Design; there are some other aspects too. Increasing the awareness of an organization's image among targeted people is another important aspect of Corporate Design. As Corporate Identity Design is the very essence of an organization, it can play a dominating role in emulating its rivals in this highly competitive industry. SWPL, which has been dominating the Corporate Design Industry since 2000, is offering diverse types of Corporate Identity services that can boost up the image of a company efficaciously.

While creating the most effective corporate identity expression for you, we get an in-depth observation of colors used in your product design, website design, company uniform, and many other factors. We create the picture presentation and logo size that has the best eye catching potential. Combining all together, we deliver the most effective tangible presentation of your corporate identity.

Some of SWPL corporate identity design service features are:
  • Customized designs that build powerful and recognizable corporate identities for you.
  • Smart and innovative designs that is graphically appealing and commercially effective.
  • A team of experienced graphic designers and logo designers who understands your need for brand uniqueness and create designs thereof.
  • Corporate identity designers who pay special attention to your focus group, selecting color schemes, font styles and patterns for logos that are interesting and easily comprehendible by general viewers.
  • Designs that is unique to the last graphical detail.
  • Designs that help your company gain a distinct competitive edge over your competitors.
  • Highly affordable and quality services.

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